Commercial Contracts

Intelligent Mist Red service for larger projects

For sophisticated contractors needing to provide fire protection to multiple rooms in a single project, we may be able to offer our Red (Commercial Contracts) service. By dovetailing multiple installations with your project's key milestones, you and Intelligent Mist both benefit from improved efficiency. For the largest commercial contracts such as warehouse conversions into modern, high-spec apartments, this translates into a substantial cost reduction.

What is the Intelligent Mist Red Service?

An à la carte service, only for sophisticated main contractors

For selected, sophisticated construction firms ready to develop their in-house expertise and wanting to provide the maximum in-house support to keep costs down, we may be able to offer our Red service. Red is our lowest price point, but Automist is a life safety product, so we won't allow corners to be cut. Intelligent Mist Red Service will be offered only for multi-head Automist installations where we conclude that the main contractor has the right skill set and attitude. Our service includes creating a coverage plan and connecting up and testing Automist, but purchase and routing of high pressure hoses and cables is left to you. A morning of tuition is included to ensure that your team understand what's expected of them.

Within the Red Service, your team are responsible for most aspects of the installation, however additional assistance from Intelligent Mist is always available through a clear schedule of charges (please contact us for the latest pricing):


Red service does not include an in-person site survey as standard. Intelligent Mist will instead propose a coverage plan and pump and head locations based on the architectural drawings that you provide. Without a survey, it's critically important that the drawings that you provide reflect the actual reality on site when we visit at the end of the project. Customers not wishing to take responsibility for this risk can either purchase a survey and a cable and hose routing design from Intelligent Mist as an additional service, or can consider working at our Sapphire tier instead.

Automist Smartscan Fire Suppression Installation Colchester London Brighton

Additional visits and remedial work

Red service includes a training session and a final fix meeting where Automist is connected up and commissioned. If you require additional assistance or the site is not ready at the appointed day and time, we will be happy to make additional appointments on site for an extra charge.

Plumbing and hoses

Within the Red service option, you are responsible for providing mains water to each pump location, including supplying and fitting a 15mm lever valve and a compression 15mm to ¾” male connector. You are also responsible for routing, supplying and installing high pressure hoses between the locations that we specify. We are happy to assist with these tasks for an extra charge.

Automist Smartscan Fire Suppression Installation Colchester London Brighton

Electrical supply, cables and ancillary components

Within the Red service, electrical & data cables, a suitable consumer unit and all ancillary electrical parts are your responsibility. We can assist with supply and install for an additional charge.

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