Servicing your Automist® system with Intelligent Mist

Intelligent Mist (Servicing) - Making Life Safer

Intelligent Mist (Servicing) is a wholly-owned subsidiary in the Intelligent Mist Group, dedicated to servicing Automist® products.

We are proud to be one of the leading Automist® service contractors in London, Brighton, Colchester and the surrounding South-East of England. Some companies also install other fire suppression products and cannot dedicate a servicing team solely for Automist®. We have made Automist® our sole focus, and make a concerted effort to also take on servicing requirements, even for installations that we did not originally design or install.

A fire suppression system must be fully functional at all times; both for life safety reasons and as part of your building regulations approval. As such, annual maintenance and certification are strongly recommended.

Monthly payment - annual service

Once you are in our system, you'll receive notifications annually that your Automist® system is due for service. By entering into our service agreement, you won't have to pay an annual fee: we instead take a monthly direct debit. On systems that we have designed and installed, you'll be offered the monthly payment scheme from the beginning.

Automist fire suppression system maintenance

Want us to service a fire sprinkler system that another company installed? Here's the procedure:


Step 1

Survey fee paid in advance, partly deductible from the first service.

Automist fire suppression system maintenance


Step 2

A report is prepared, and an estimate drawn up for any repairs or rectification needed.


Step 3

We carry out the service, commission the system and update its certification.

cost of maintaining an Automist fire suppression system


Step 4

We send you your first bill.

Automist terms and conditions


Step 5

Once you've agreed to our Terms and Conditions, we issue your service agreement contract and payment scheme.

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