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Automist® Fire Suppression Design and Installation

Intelligent Mist provides customers in London, Brighton, Colchester and the surrounding areas of South-East England with the UK's leading Automist installation service.

Although simple in concept, Automist installation can be complex in practice, with many details not immediately obvious to the untrained eye. To reflect the fact that projects vary in time pressure, budget, and skills available, we offer four service levels: Platinum, Silver, Sapphire and Red. We hope you'll find that at each tier we offer more than our competition: Platinum in particular is more comprehensive and complete than any other Automist installation service. Whichever package you prefer, a full site survey will be carried out based upon the current Building Regulations, and a design and coverage plan is prepared and submitted to Building Control for approval. We'll strive to do the job properly, on time, with no hidden costs. We may not offer you the cheapest up-front quote, but we think you'll agree we're great value for money and the highest quality service available.

Automist Smartscan Fire Suppression Installation Colchester London Brighton

Installation Packages


The complete managed service, where on-time completion is critical

Our Platinum Automist installation package eliminates risk by taking the entire process, including project management, inside Intelligent Mist, to give you the ultimate confidence in a successful, timely and neat completion of your Automist installation. We survey the project, negotiate with Building Control, and mobilise a fire engineer if necessary. Once approved, we visit the site as many times as necessary, supplying, installing and setting up every component. We understand that construction delays can be expensive, so our service is geared to eliminate them, with out-of-hours mobile support for your builders and their subcontractors. Where our competition might use trunking, we lift floors, chase walls, and cut ceilings as necessary. Electrical work is completed by our own NICEIC electrician and we make good after installation.


Comprehensive service, with main-contractor support

Where the main contractor has the right team and skills, and where you don't need the confidence level or cost of our Platinum service, our Silver Automist installation package may be for you. The key differences from our Platinum service are that we ask your contractors to provide routes for cables and hoses, and to make good and decorate afterwards. Because we don't own all elements of the process, Silver also cannot include end-to-end project management of the installation. As with Platinum, we survey the project, negotiate with Building Control, and mobilise a fire engineer if necessary. There are normally three site visits: a survey, a first fix to run cables and hoses while the routes are exposed, and a final fix to install and commission Automist.


Core Automist elements only

The Sapphire Automist installation package allows a competent builder to take over more key tasks such as hose installation and represents our lowest-cost service level for most customers, while still providing a better and more reliable service than our competition. Sapphire is most appropriate where the main contractor is exceptionally competent or where time pressure is lower. As with our other service levels, a survey is included, and we will liaise with Building Control and recommend a fire engineer if necessary. However, the Sapphire service does not include any more complex negotiation with approvers, typically over unusual layouts. Based on the survey and your architectural plans, we issue detailed instructions that include cable and hose routing. We provide high pressure hoses and explain how your subcontractors must run those hoses safely in the property. We don't provide other plumbing or electrical components, but we issue a schedule of parts for your electrician to obtain and install, including detection equipment. Once your contractors have prepared the site, we attend to verify that everything is correctly in place, that the hoses have been correctly routed and do not leak, and to install and commission the Automist System.


à la carte service for sophisticated main contractors

For selected, sophisticated construction firms ready to develop their in-house expertise and wanting to provide the maximum in-house support to keep costs down, we may be able to offer our Red service. Red is our lowest price point, but Automist is a life safety product, so we won't allow corners to be cut. Intelligent Mist Red Service will be offered only for multi-head Automist installations where we conclude that the main contractor has the right skill set and attitude. Our service includes a coverage plan, but purchase and routing of high pressure hoses and cables is left to you. A morning of tuition is included. Additional assistance from Intelligent Mist is always available through a clear schedule of charges.

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If you'd like our expert advice or assistance on a more complex project - such as student accommodation, a group of HMOs, or a care home - we can tailor our packages to suit you. Give us a call!

Automist Installation Timeline

Automist Smartscan Fire Suppression Installation Colchester London Brighton



The site is prepared. Cables are run in the agreed locations. Water and electrical services are provided, and chasing/conduit is provided for hoses.

Automist Smartscan Fire Suppression Installation Colchester London Brighton



Automist hoses and equipment are installed in the agreed wall and cupboard locations.

Automist Smartscan Fire Suppression Installation Colchester London Brighton



Automist equipment is connected to the water and electrical services, and spray heads are connected to pumps.

Servicing Automist Smartscan Maintenance



Automist is operated and leak tested. We verify that the alarm system activates Automist and that the correct operating pressure is reached.

Automist Smartscan Fire Suppression Installation Colchester London Brighton



Your fire suppression system is installed and ready to protect you and your property in the event of a fire.

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