If you’re thinking about conventional sprinklers, it’s very likely you would need a water tank – unless you have a mains supply that can blast water out at 70-80 litres per minute. Some readers may have searched for a no-tank sprinkler system or tankless fire sprinkler: well, you’ve found it!

Automist® is designed to work without a tank, unlike BS9251 sprinkler systems. This gives Automist several advantages.

  1. No Structural Engineering Work. Automist doesn’t use a tank, whereas when full, the smallest (“category 1”) standard BS9251 tank weighs about the same as a Ford Mondeo – 1.5 metric tonnes. Many homes would require structural engineering work to accommodate such a tank. Not with Automist.
  2. Direct Cost. The tank and associated pump may double the cost of your sprinkler system. Automist® is designed to work without a tank, and its small pump is an integral part of the system, not a costly extra.
  3. Property Value. We can’t tell you what your property will be worth after the work is completed. But we can tell you that the 2.5 m2 of floor area taken up by the tank is almost certainly going to cost you much more than the tank itself. For example in London, at £6000/m2, a standard category 1 tank would occupy floor space worth £15,000. Automist gives you back that floor space.

Don’t suffer from tank regret. Give us a call!