Home renovations or new builds can often be costly, and knowing your ball-park figures before committing to any conversations can help to save you time, energy and, more often than not, a bit of sanity too! You won’t need to make dozens of phone calls just to establish what you can afford. Whether something is going to be hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands can quickly help to whittle down what you will need to spend and whether you’ve got enough budget.

The good news is that at Intelligent Mist, we always aim to be transparent with our pricing. We understand that you’re taking on a big commitment with your project and want to get the best value for your money with every element. The other (not so clear cut) news is that every job is bespoke, so there are variations in our pricing depending on the scope of your requirements. For that reason, it’s hard to give exact prices for you to refer to without having a conversation first.

As the leading Automist® installers in the South-East of England, we offer competitive rates. To give you an idea of what you might be looking to pay, we offer two main service level packages. The first is our ‘Sapphire’ package, which means you will undertake the first fix work, and we come in at the point of your second fix. The other popular package that we offer is our ‘Platinum’ level, which involves us completing both fixes.

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How much does Automist® cost?

If you were looking to have a single Automist Smartscan® head added in one room on our Sapphire package, you might be looking at a price of around £2780 + VAT – depending on the project requirements and design of your house. If you need to have more heads within one room, you may be able to get these at a discounted rate – so for two Automist® Smartscan® heads in the same space, you could be looking at around £4360 + VAT.

If the two heads were in different rooms, this would be more in the region of £4980 + VAT. On the Platinum package, you can expect around another £1500 + VAT to be added to the cost of a single head installation. This will vary significantly though depending on the size of the project and house, and what the first fix requirements involve. Therefore this, and all other prices, should very much be considered as ball-park costs due to these variables. If you’d like a more exact figure, you can contact our office for a quote on: 01206 544 223.

Cost considerations with Automist®

As with anything, it’s always important to do your research first and understand why fire suppression is so valuable – to both your home and your family. You may find it is a requirement specified by Building Control, or it may bring you more peace of mind knowing your home has firefighting equipment installed. When getting quotes, you will need to consider the project complexity, type of products used and the economy of scale.

It’s important you work with a team that you trust.

You may find costs fluctuate between different Automist® installers, but saving money doesn’t always mean the job will be done to the standard you’re happy with. It’s important you work with a team that you trust. We may not be the cheapest installers on the market, but we always ensure our installations happen on time, on budget, and to a high standard.

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Automist® can make you money

One of the upsides of installing Automist® into your home is that it can actually make you money in the long-run. Yes, you did read that right. Although you have to pay for Automist® at the time of your project, you can make money later through the added value it gives your property when you come to sell it – especially in locations where space is at a premium.

There can be some savings up front too – for example, installing Automist® into your home allows you to unlock many open-plan layouts that Building Control would otherwise deem too unsafe. This includes having open-plan staircases accessible in kitchens and living spaces. Open-plan living is generally more cost-effective to build, so you’d find yourself saving money overall.

There can be some savings up front too – for example, installing Automist® into your home allows you to unlock many open-plan layouts that Building Control would otherwise deem too unsafe.

Just think – if you had to box in your staircase into its own hallway because you didn’t have Automist® installed, then that in itself would cost you around £1000 for the walls, painting, coving, skirting boards, doors, door frames, and so on. It also wouldn’t be as desirable as open-plan living can be, which could affect the value of the property and how easy it would be to sell on. With Automist® installation, this won’t be a problem for you.

Generally, open-plan properties look bigger and therefore command a higher price. In practical terms, the usable floor area is higher too. And finally, in some cases, Automist® fire sprinklers avoid wasting floor area on extra staircases (and the cost of building that staircase) – as in the case of a four-storey house. You can find out more about that here, or by getting in touch with us today.

For more information about Automist® Smartscan®, get in touch with Intelligent Mist now on 01206 544 223. With offices in London, Brighton and Colchester, we are one of the leading experts in the South-East of England for installing this cutting-edge firefighting system within residential buildings. Contact us today.