Puck and Automist: a comparison

We are often asked how Automist Smartscan compares to a more conventional watermist sprinkler system such as Puck.

The answer is that they are totally different animals, and in 2018, Automist has a number of advantages:

  • Accidental activation and leaks in your walls and ceilings are almost impossible with Automist, and in a fire, water damage is reduced
  • Automist's performance has been independently certified: you are not dependent on the manufacturer to interpret the ins and outs of a test report.
  • Automist has fewer design limitations, for example it works in large rooms that a single Puck pump cannot serve
  • Costs are similar.

There's really no comparison. Take a look at the table below to see how Automist comes out on top.

Intelligent Mist and Automist - you know it makes sense.

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Category Feature Automist Smartscan Hydra Puck Fire
Signature Characteristics System type Targeted watermist sprinkler Conventional watermist sprinkler
Nozzle mounting location Wall Ceiling
Water flow requirement 5.6 l/min 12 l/min
Advantages Straightforward Approval Suitable for residential and domestic use under the Building Regulations
LABC Registered Detail for easier Building Control Approval
Respecting your home Virtually impossible to set off by accident, thanks to "double knock" electronic activation
The industry's lowest water damage in the event of a fire (based on flow rates)
Suitable for retrofit installation
Materials on display in your home Brushed steel White plastic
Attractive design of components that are concealed inside cupboards
System Operation and Performance      Standards compliance (BS 8458) Third-party verified equivalent Manufacturer declares compliant
Third party performance certificate or BS 8458 certification by third party lab (note: this is not the same as a third party test report)
Fully BS 8458 performance-compliant as standard even in rooms wider than 5.1m or with an area above 32m2, as per BS 8458:2015 section 6.6.1*
Installers and installations regularly audited and checked by manufacturer
Full test including discharge of in-service nozzle as part of annual maintenance
Low water pressure warning
Disadvantages  Design limitations Maximum hose run from pump to nozzle 60m 45m
Risks Pressurised static water, with potential for leaks inside ceilings and walls

*A single Puck system is limited to two sprinkler heads per room by BS 8458:2015 section 6.6.1. In practice this means that a Puck system is not compliant if any room is wider than 5.1m or has an area of more than 32m2 . For example, a standard Puck system cannot serve a room of 5.1m x 5.4m and comply with BS 8458. A room of 5m x 9m can be served by a single Smartscan nozzle and a pump shared with other rooms, while Puck's BS 8458 solution would require two separate pumps and four nozzles.

Facts correct at time of writing, E&OE.
Puck is a Trademark of Knox Fire & Security Ltd.

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