Automist vs. the Alternatives

How does Automist compare to other domestic and residential fire protection?

Sprinkler systems and Automist are there to solve the same problems: enabling open plan, allowing you to build further from the road, and eliminating fire escapes and extra staircases in taller houses. But there are some really important differences. We're dedicated to Automist because we see it not just as an alternative to sprinklers: we think Automist is the future of sprinklers.

Here’s why Automist is better:


Less disruption: no tanks or supply upgrades

With conventional sprinklers you’ll probably need space and structural support for a
large tank containing a ton of water, or an expensive water supply upgrade. Automist
takes up much less space, uses less water than a shower, and connects directly to the
water main.


Better Looking

A room of up to 8.5m x 5m can often be served by a single Smartscan wall
head. Typically a sprinkler system will need six ceiling heads for the same
space. We challenge you to find a more elegant-looking solution than
Automist Smartscan for high-end architectural spaces.


Straightforward approval process

Considering a low-water ceiling based mist system? If your room’s wider than 4m or longer than 8m, current 12 litres/minute ceiling mist sprinklers don’t comply with British Standards (BS8458:2015 6.6.1), which means your finished project is non-compliant with Building Regulations and could be refused by Building Control. Automist Smartscan allows full Building Regulations compliance as it has been certified by BSi to perform equivalently to BS8458, and is the only water suppression system offering ‘Registered Detail’ easy approval by all local authorities.


Works just as well as a sprinkler system

Automist Smartscan has a water consumption around 10x lower than a sprinkler system, but actively targets the fire. As a result, in third-party tests, Automist Smartscan passed the same fire performance tests as more conventional sprinkler systems.


Less water, less water damage

In the event of a fire large enough to trigger your suppression system, you'll have some damage. But an Automist Smartscan unit will never spray more than 170 litres of water, can be easily stopped, and can be tamper-proofed. A BS9251 sprinkler system will normally cause major flood damage: 2 tons of water gushing through your home every half hour.

Don’t believe a fire can be controlled with so little water? Watch our ‘head to head’ with sprinklers!

We think the advantages speak for themselves, which is why Intelligent Mist installs only Automist.

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