Automist Tap Mount

A fire suppression solution that mounts discreetly under your kitchen tap

Automist tap mount is a neat and discreet fire suppression unit that provides additional protection for your kitchen or utility room.
Automist tap mount is not equivalent to a full sprinkler system and does not have the same performance optimisations as the latest Automist wall mounted solutions. It is typically used to provide extra protection to a kitchen, or as part of a fire engineered solution or risk assessment.


Ingenious, discreet solution for kitchens and utility rooms

Winner of the james Dyson Award 2009, Automist tap mount can be almost invisible when installed under a monobloc tap, and doesn't take up wall space. It's sometimes used to complement Automist Smartscan where Smartscan's design rules prove difficult to satisfy, and has a working range of 4m.


Suitable for customised projects

Automist tap mount is best suited to custom projects where a fire safety professional has reviewed the options and found it to be a good fit. Its wall-mounted siblings beat it for sheer fire suppression power, so if you're looking for Building Regulations approval or something equivalent to a sprinkler system, take a look at Automist Smartscan instead.


Same low water usage as other Automist options

Automist tap head uses the same 5.6l/min as other Automist versions. In the event of a fire large enough to trigger it, you'll have some damage., but itwill never spray more than 170 litres of water at a time, and can be easily stopped.

How does it work?


Heat alarm

Heat alarm detects fire and instructs Automist to operate


Suppress Fire

Pump activates, blanketing room with watermist and suppressing fire

Operation in detail

When activated by its heat alarm, the Automist tap-mount system blankets the room with high-pressure mist, up to a distance of 4m. The fire is then suppressed, allowing residents to escape. The system can be easily switched off with a STOP button once the fire has been successfully controlled.

Tap Mount, Fixed wall mount, or Smartscan?

For the property owner, the choice of Automist versions depends on what you hope to achieve. Smartscan is the most capable and its equivalence to sprinklers confers a much greater range of design freedoms (the same freedoms as other types of residential fire sprinkler). The Automist fixed-nozzle wall-mount system is intended for use in the particular layout of loft converted house recommended in Approved Document B. The tap mount system should be used where you simply want a fire safety upgrade around your sink area or where recommended by a fire engineer or fire risk assessor.

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