Automist PPS

Truly retrofittable fire suppression for vulnerable people

All Automist products are designed to fit discreetly into a home, even in a retrofit situation. Automist PPS takes this to a new level by allowing a discreet retrofit even in a temporary application where there's no suitable power or water supply. For example, this often happens when an elderly person is known to be at risk of death or injury due to fire, but has not been moved to more specialised accommodation.

Whereas other Automist products protect an entire room, normally for Building Regulations purposes, Automist PPS is designed to protect a vulnerable person. It gives 12 minutes of fire suppression to a specific location such as a chair or bed, and connects to an ordinary electrical ring or spur circuit. It's protected against power interruption by a battery backup feature. Automist PPS is also independent of the property's water supply as it operates from its own tank.

The discretion you'd expect from an Automist product is achieved by installing behind a standard radiator cover - even giving residents a useful mantlepiece!

Because Automist PPS has a different purpose, it differs in several ways from other Automist fire suppression devices.

How is it different?


Designed to protect people, not maintain an escape route

Automist PPS provides a low background level of fire suppression plus a main jet of watermist, aimed at a predetermined risk such as a chair or bed. Its purpose is to provide retrofitted protection to people (mostly smokers) at risk of setting fire to themselves. This could include elderly people who can't self-evacuate but have not been relocated to a more managed environment, people at risk of falling asleep while smoking, and people with issues around alcohol or addiction who may not always be fully alert. It's not intended to replace sprinklers.


A true retrofit

Automist PPS can be installed even when there's no dedicated power supply and no mains water in the protected room. Typically the unit is installed behind a radiator cover, allowing a relatively discreet finished proposition.


A connected solution, as standard

Automist PPS is connected to a GSM module and will notify up to three contacts by text message and/or calls when there's a fire or the system has reverted to its battery backup. It can also integrate with NFC Group's Orion Data Network where required.

How does it work?


Flame detector

The flame detector spots the fire almost instantly



A voice announcement gives a fifteen second warning to extinguish the flame


Suppress fire

If the flame is still present when the voice warning ends, the pump activates, suppressing the fire with watermist

Operation in detail

Automist PPS is normally activated by a very rapid flame detector, which gives a fifteen-second spoken warning. If at the end of this warning, a flame is still present, the PPS pump is activated and high-pressure mist targets the pre-determined action zone. The pump will then normally operate until the tank is empty. The early operation means that the fire can often be successfully suppressed before it can develop significantly. The system can be easily stopped using a key.

Other activation devices are possible (such as double knock smoke detection), however these offer a reduced speed of operation and therefore introduce greater risk that the fire injures the resident before it can be tackled.

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