Automist Fixed System

A sprinkler-alternative designed for loft conversions

The Automist fixed-nozzle wall-mounted system provides a simple alternative to fire sprinklers, with much lower water usage, ease of retrofit, and easy approval in three-storey loft converted houses under the building regulations.
The Automist fixed system is not equivalent to a full sprinkler system, so for most other applications, Automist Smartscan will be the best choice.


The simplest, least expensive version of Automist

The Automist fixed system costs slightly less than Automist Smartscan. Its simplicity makes it particularly useful where difficult placement of open fires or log burners could confuse Automist Smartscan, or when Smartscan's design rules prove difficult to satisfy.


Small, unobtrusive form factor

A room of up to 8m x 4m can often be served by a single Automist wall head, mounted on a plate that can usually be matched to light switches. All sources of fire must be within 5m of a spray head.


Suitable for retrofit

The wall-mounted position and smaller number of spray heads make Automist eminently suitable for retrofit and refurbishment situations. In addition, the much lower water consumption (typically 10x less than BS9251 sprinklers) means you won't need to find space for a tank or upgrade the water supply.


Less water, less water damage

In the event of a fire large enough to trigger your suppression system, you'll have some damage. But an Automist unit will never spray more than 170 litres of water, and can be easily stopped. A BS9251 sprinkler system will normally cause major flood damage: 2 tons of water gushing through your home every half hour.

How it works


Heat alarm

Heat alarm detects fire and instructs Automist to operate


Suppress Fire

Pump activates, blanketing room with watermist and suppressing fire

Operation In Detail

When activated by its heat alarm, the Automist fixed-nozzle system blankets the whole room with high-pressure mist, The fire is then suppressed, allowing residents to escape. The system can be easily switched off with a STOP button once the fire has been successfully controlled.

Fixed Automist or Smartscan?

For the property owner, the choice of Automist or Automist Smartscan depends on what you hope to achieve. Smartscan is much more capable and its equivalence to sprinklers confers a much greater range of design freedoms is the most capable and its equivalence to sprinklers confers a much greater range of design freedoms (the same freedoms as other types of residential fire sprinkler). The Automist fixed-nozzle system is not equivalent to sprinklers and is intended for use in the particular layout of loft converted house recommended in Approved Document B.

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